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    It's that time. The week-long wait is over. Sony and Polyphony Digital's 15 Years of GT event is finally on the horizon - and what better place to catch up on the news than at the TPRA News?

    The event will be held at the gorgeous (sometimes) sunny Silverstone Circuit in the UK with many giants of the car and media world in attendance, such as those from Red Bull and KTX. In total, nine automotive manufacturers will be there as well as over 80 international media representatives. Are the manufacturers there to check out what Polyphony has in store for us? Or are they there to show off what they themselves have in store for us?

    Five GT Academy champions will be on hand to strut their stuff on the famous Silverstone tarmac, with many other track-day events on hand to entertain, too.

    So what does the event promise to show? The biggest rumour is that we'll see Gran Turismo 6 - Polyphony and Sony's next GT game. This is compounded by the fact that a GT6 page was found yesterday, hidden in gran-turismo.com. But what else? Possibly some final DLC for GT5? Give it a big send off with a new track (Silverstone) or some new cars? Or both!

    What GT6 information will they reveal? Well, with E3 just under a month away, we shouldn't expect too much. I doubt a release date will be presented, but one would assume some basic details and a short trailer would be shown off. In my view though, this event is a pre-E3 show. E3 is where we'll get most of the concrete information on the game.

    With Microsoft's next-generation Xbox reveal little under a week away, Sony has timed this GT event just at the right time. Garner some hype in Gran Turismo - Sony's flagship franchise and take away some of the interest from Microsoft's big event.

    The 15 Years of GT show begins at 3pm GMT. That's 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific, 4pm BST. Convert this to your local time here.

    We sure can't wait for this event later today, so stay tuned to the TPRA News for ongoing updates as we get them from Silverstone!

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