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  1. DaletonaDave
    DaletonaDave AgentWD40_FL
    Morning Agent. Just saw your post about being asked to leave a room. I can see that you're extremely upset, but I sure hope I see you on track again. You're one of the good guys man, and that's what I get online for. To race with the good guys.

    Dave :)
  2. SnakeEyes427
    No one plays GT6 anymore so, back to RC Cars for now. Maybe I'll come back if I get a PS4.
  3. DaletonaDave
    DaletonaDave wyldanimal
    Hi Wyld. Just saw your 30 second nurburgring pit slide glitch video pop up in my Youtube sub feed. Did you intend for it to be private?
  4. Peyepete
    Peyepete dmcallis
    Hi DM,
    I hope you don't mind, I copied your GTS money making trick over at TUNA, nosoks was saying that making money was a PITA.
    Great idea man, I tried it last night.
    Hope to see you on the track soon.
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